Terms of Use of Kiraki.am

By becoming a Kiraki.am user, you accept the terms of this Terms of Use.

When you post an ad, you are solely responsible for the content.

Kiraki.am reserves the right to remove ads with inappropriate content.

Rights and obligations of the parties

  • Any material posted on Kiraki.am website is protected by copyright law and is the property of Kiraki.am.

  • It is forbidden to use the materials posted on the website for commercial purposes.

  • By using the services of Kiraki.am, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the content of the advertisement posted by you, have all the necessary rights and permissions to post this information, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, as well as permission from all the people mentioned in the text of the announcement.

  • It is forbidden to post an ad on behalf of other people, otherwise Kiraki.am reserves the right to provide your information if necessary.

You are committed

  • Follow the rules set on the site

  • Do not disrupt site operations

  • Do not post material that will adversely affect the reputation of the site

  • Do not use programs that could harm the users of the site

Items այ Services that are prohibited from publishing

Below are all the Items and Services that are prohibited from selling / offering / exchanging on Kiraki.am website. The list can be changed by the site administration.

  1. Any Item that is prohibited to be sold in Armenia.

  2. Items այ Services that will damage the reputation of the site.

  3. Forged Documents.

  4. Any His and Services that do not correspond to the RA morality.

  5. Database containing personal data.

  6. Military equipment / weapons.

  7. Materials and Services that contain confidential personal information that could damage a person's reputation.

  8. Drugs that are only available by prescription.

  9. Medical tools that require special training and right.

  10. Poisons, drugs and other substances that affect human consciousness.

  11. Intimate եքս sexual services.

  12. Non-existent services and products.

  13. Other goods (items), services, purchase and sale, which are prohibited in Armenia.

Kiraki.am undertakes to protect the personal data of the users to the best of its ability, also to spare no effort to make all the services of the site work smoothly.

Kiraki.am can change some parameters of announcements and services at any time, for which it is not responsible.

In case of posting inappropriate announcements, in case of non-compliance with the rules, Kiraki.am reserves the right to remove those announcements without warning, and also to block the User's access.

The user has the right to complain about the work of the site through pregnant feedback. Complaints will be considered within 3 business days of receiving the application.

You agree to use the Site:

  • Do not violate the rules of publication of announcements

  • Do not publish or transmit any illegal, threatening, offensive, defamatory or inappropriate information or material that violates human rights, promotes criminal conduct or public disorder.

  • Do not publish: and do not post material that contains elements that infringe on the rights of another person, infringe copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights. It is also forbidden to take any materials without the prior consent of the legal owner.

  • Do not post offers that contain illegal information about an activity, service or product. These include financial pyramid schemes, drugs, hazardous chemicals, weapons, and stolen goods.

  • Do not publish or transmit any virus or other destructive material.

  • Do not upload a file already uploaded by another user knowing or assuming that the distribution of that file is legal.

Limitation of Liability

  • By using the services of Kiraki.am, you confirm your consent to the use of the site and its services according to your will and responsibility.

  • You register and assume all risks associated with the use of posted ads.

  • Kiraki.am is not responsible for the content of the ads posted on the website, for any loss and resulting from the use of the ads posted on the website.

  • Kiraki.am can not control the accuracy of the ads posted by users and is not responsible for losses due to transactions.

  • Kiraki.am website is not an organizer of transactions between the parties or a party to the transaction.

  • Kiraki.am is not responsible for the accuracy of the announcements posted on the website, համար for the disputes arising from them.

  • The site may have minor technical flaws and typos that will be corrected over time.

  • The site contains external links, for the content of which Kiraki.am is not responsible.

  • We do not guarantee the smooth running of the site, but we will spare no effort to make it excellent.

Warning: These Terms of Use may change over time without prior notice.

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